Q: Is TM-8 safe to use on any vinyl record?

A: Yes, TM-8 contains no alcohol, which many record fluid manufacturers feel is detrimental to vinyl with prolonged usage. The commercial additives in TM - 8 while very potent, are used at extremely low concentrations. Records have been soaked in TM - 8 for long periods of time without any detriment to the vinyl surface or listening experience. 

Q: Does TM-8 require a cleaning wash after application?

A:  No, TM-8 is a one fluid recording cleaning application. As TM-8 is mostly high-quality de-ionized water it acts as it's own cleansing wash. However, records that have experienced extensive dirt, grime, grease, smoke, and other elements in their life may require more than one cleaning. 

Q: Can you adequately clean your records without a record cleaning machine?

A: Yes, it is quite usual and acceptable to clean a record on ones own operating turntable. Using TM-8 Record Cleaning Fluid, apply enough drops to wet the complete surface of the record. Using a record cleaning brush, such as the vintage Discwasher brush, scrub the record for a minute or more adding more TM-8 if the surface appears to be drying out. Afterwards, using a no-lint cloth wipe up the remaining fluid. Then, TA-DA, a clean record!