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Groovy Hi-Fi Solutions Inc. was established in 2014 by Sheila Berdan and Joe Knight. Groovy Hi-Fi Solutions is a sister company to Brooks Berdan Ltd.; a hi-fi audio store in Monrovia that specializes in turntables, high-end audio, and repair services. Having worked in the high fidelity audio industry for more than 30 years, especially the hi-fi turntable and record collecting community, Sheila Berdan and Joe Knight were well versed in the common issues regarding cleaning vinyl records safely and efficiently.

Through the research and input of three different chemical engineers, Groovy Hi-Fi Solutions was able to formulate what is now TM-8; the SUPER RECORD CLEANING FLUID! TM-8 is the finest record cleaning fluid available for all new and vintage vinyl. It lowers the noise level and provides superior stylus tracking, as well as extending the low and high frequencies from your vinyl setup. TM-8 contains only laboratory grade quad-filtered de-ionized water with commercial grade surfactants as dispersing emulsifiers, wetting agents, and anti-static additives. The solution is suitable for use with record cleaning machines or hand-cleaning records on your own turntable.

I actually just cleaned a record that I’d previously cleaned with TM-8 Super ( and which sounded great after that cleaning) using another top rated brand RCM fluid and guess what? It got grungy sounding again lol! Had to redo with TM-8 to clean and clear whatever residue was left behind from that other cleaning fluid. I will buy TM-8 by the gallon and not even think twice about it. It’s that good and then some.
— YouTube User
Just received mine in the mail and this stuff is FANTASTIC! WOW, I will never use a record cleaner with alcohol again. Ultra quiet.
— Bornces
Just got a 32 oz bottle in and it’s a major, incredible improvement over any alcohol based cleaner I was using before. It reveals details and spatial cues in normal records I had not known were there. It also renders groove noise lower than any cleaning solutions I have tried before. The improvements overall I’m hearing are very similar to what I have heard upon installing an expensive new cartridge or a new phono stage.
— Rick S.